We provide comprehensive business support aimed at sustainable growth of corporations.

The approach of ICMG is to identify potential areas of growth within the corporation by identifying and analyzing the core strengths and values of the corporation in relation to the changes in society and trends, and then focusing on integrated reform based on strategy, organization, and development of human capital in order to enable the development of a corporate structure that leads to sustainable growth.

What is Intellectual Capital Management?

Intellectual Capital Management is a management style that enables sustainable growth by identifying the “hidden” strengths and values (off balance sheet potential) embedded in the corporation, and then developing and utilizing those strengths and values further.

Hands-on Consulting

The approach of ICMG begins with envisioning the future of the corporation with the executive managers. Once the vision is set, ICMG assists the practical realization of that vision by assisting in building the strategy as part of the team, training and development of the human resources to lead the process, and providing hands-on assistance in identifying and solving issues preventing advancement of the vision.