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01 Mar 2015



07 Nov 2014

Executive Business Seminar for Top Managers entitled “Challenge in Creating New Value: Developing an Environment and Mechanisms for Bringing New Ideas to Reality,” hosted by Business Forum, was held on October 27, 2014 in the conference hall at the JA Kyosai Building in Tokyo. ICMG’s Head of the Consulting Services Fumihiro Oba took part as a speaker.

ビジネスフォーラム主催、経営者向けExecutive Business Seminar「新しい価値創造へ向けた挑戦~新たな発想、アイディアを実現する環境・仕掛けづくり~」が2014年10月27日に東京都JA共済ビルのカンファレンスホールで開催され、当社コンサルティングカンパニー代表の大庭史裕が登壇いたしました。