Global network

ICMG carries out a variety of global projects ranging from business evaluations (financial evaluation, intellectual capital evaluation, business feasibility evaluation), to searching for specific partnerships, to promote industry-government-academia cooperation projects worldwide, by working with global networks in over 20 countries, five overseas subsidiaries and 23 global business partners.
By working with ICMG’s global partners, we are able to gain knowledge from professionals from a wide range of localities and fields. By cooperating with partners who are rooted in their respective regions and are well versed in the unique business manners and processes that differ for each region and culture, we are able to resolve the unexpected and complicated business issues that companies often face when expanding their businesses overseas.



  • ICMG PTE. LTD. (Singapore)
  • ICMG USA (Silicon Valley)
  • ICMG China (Beijing)
  • ICMG Consulting India Private Limited(Bangalore)
  • Intellectual Capital Sweden AB
    *In November 2009, ICMG acquired ICAB (Intellectual Capital Sweden AB), as a wholly owned subsidiary. ICAB developed the concept and tool of IC Rating®, and ICMG has obtained its intellectual capital.