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Our Management Support Model

From ICMG’s inception in the year 2000, assisting our clients in real life problem solving has been the cornerstone of our management support model. The problem-solving model of ICMG starts with envisioning the desired outcome and future, building strategy based on the potential of our client, identifying and training the leaders who will put the strategy into practice, assist in building partnerships and/or setting up necessary M&A’s to make the strategy into an attainable reality, and assist in management reform, corporate restructuring, and new business creation in order to bring about sustainable growth. This model, which is based on 18 years of experience, learning, and practice, is known as the “ICMG sustainability model”.

The starting point

From the inception of ICMG, the big question that was at the heart of our foundation was straightforward. “What is the best support that can be given to the entrepreneurs that are responsible for the next generation?”. Trying to find the answer to that question has been the drive of ICMG through all of our projects, and through this question, we have learned that the “best support” one can give is by focusing on identifying the potential and the hidden strengths in corporations, strengthening those strengths that lead to change, and by supporting management through reform. The key though, is change and reform only produce results if they go hand in hand with the development of the key people who are trying to break the mold, and allowing them to challenge the status quo.

The basis of management support

The value of our management support does not just come from the model it is based on.
We believe that it is our clients and partners see value in our support through what we strive to accomplish in each and every project. It is our desire and commitment to identify the strengths, values, visions, and off-balance sheet potential (= Intellectual Capital) that have always been in the background of a corporation but had just not received the spotlight, take those values and strengths and use them as agents of change to move business forward, assist in the awakening of each and every employee to become leaders of positive change, each with a sense of ownership, and a desire to become part of the process of moving business forward.

Leadership x Innovation x Execution

Based on the “ICMG sustainability model”, we have developed the model even further by organically strengthening the 3 areas of leadership, innovation, and execution, that are the cornerstones that lead to corporate growth.
The reason why we felt the need to develop our well-established model even further, is because of the changes that corporations face today in the world of IoT. The changes that IoT has brought to business is so drastic, that in many cases, it will mean the end of a corporation if the corporation does not adapt and change. The change that is required is based on identifying the off balance sheet strengths and values that are embedded in the corporations, developing and strengthening them further, and bringing them to the forefront of business as strengths that can be utilized properly. This includes experience and know-how gained and developed by the in-house human capital, and depends on the internal sharing and utilization of such knowledge in order to advance the group as a whole. In this light, changes are required in innovation too. What is required are leaders that have been trained to think in this way, and who understand that they are not bystanders who are doing a job that was given to them, but that they are part of the process, and need to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility as part of the team. In addition, additional intellectual capital is to be gained and added through alliances built organically with outside resources, seamless collaboration with partners in order to realize the business plans built, and timely and prompt execution of such plans.
One successful example of such a model, is the JV built in Sept. 2017 with Tokyo Electricity Energy Partners. This JV has not only developed joint business and services in Tokyo and Asia, but has strengthened its position even further through capital tie-ups with other major corporations and new business development.

Aspirations and Trust

The Intellectual Capital Management Group (ICMG) aspires to become a problem solver in society, aspires to partner with corporations with the same aspirations, and is building the required trust through striving to provide service “beyond the partners expectations”.
Our mid-term vision is based on becoming “The Best Accelerator” for our partners, and to provide the “ICMG sustainability model” through our bases in North America, Singapore, China, and India, along with partner corporations in 20 countries worldwide, and as a group, aim to lead our partners to sustainable growth.