Company Profile / History

Company ICMG Co., Ltd.
Main office Hibiya U-1 Building 21F, 1-1-7 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, Japan Zip 100-0011
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Founded 19 April 2000
Paid up capital Yen 300,001,825
Employees 50 (ICMG)
100 (ICMG group)
Group Companies ICMG PTE. LTD. (Singapore)
ICMG USA (Silicon Valley)
Beijing ICMG Co., Ltd.
ICMG Consulting India Private Limited(Bangalore)
Intellectual Capital SwedenAB
IWNC Co., Ltd.
M&IT Co., Ltd.
TEPCO i-Frontiers Co., Ltd.

Corporate History

Oct. 2001 Begins consulting based on Intellectual Capital measurement and improvement (Signed exclusive license for ICAB)
Dec. 2001 Signs contract with Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)in order to research “methods for measurement of Intellectual Capital”.
Feb. 2002 Signs contract with the Ministry of Finance in order to research “Intellectual Capital”
Apr. 2002 Joins the Ministry of Finance “Intellectual Capital Study Group”
Apr. 2003 Begins a strategic alliance with the Hitachi Ltd. to assist in corporate reform
Aug. 2003 Signs contract with Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan to develop “methods for measurement of corporate Intellectual Capital in the Software industry”
Sep. 2004 Joins the Ministry of Finance “Study group concerning Intellectual Capital and Corporate Value” as the chair of the group
Oct. 2004 Signs contract with Ministry of Finance to develop “indicators for Intellectual Capital”
May. 2005 Received contracts for a number of corporation revitalization projects from the Industrial Revitalization Corporation (IRC)
Oct. 2005 Assists the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the development of guidelines for Intellectual Capital Management.
Attends the OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) conference in Italy
Oct. 2006 Signs contract with a stock exchange for enterprise management diagnostic check services for companies to be listed.
Dec. 2006 Attends the OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) conference in Tokyo
2007 Begins services for assisting in partnership development and M&A
Feb. 2007 Signs a contract with a major convenience store chain for corporate analysis and assistance in management reform.
Apr. 2007 Signs a contract with a major publisher to assist in Intellectual Capital evaluation and assisting in building corporate strategy.
May. 2007 Increases paid up capital to Yen 308,000,000
Sep. 2007 Signs a contract with a financial fund to assist in evaluations of companies for potential investments.
Mar. 2009 Moves headquarters to Chiyoda Ku
Nov. 2009 Signes license with ICAB for IC Rating® and the overseas partner network.
Mar. 2010 Acquires 100% shares of ICAB
Jun. 2011 Establishes ICMG Financial Services in Singapore
Oct. 2011 Changes name from Actcell Corporation. to ICMG Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2012 Establishes ICMG Consulting India
Feb. 2012 Begins to offer Leadership training institute services
Jan. 2013 Establishes Beijing ICMG Co., Ltd. (HQ Beijing)
Feb. 2015 Establishes Suzhou ICMG Co., Ltd. (HQ Suzhou)
Jul. 2015 Establishes ICMG USA (HQ Silicon Valley)
Sep. 2017 Establishes TEPCO i-Frontier Co., LTD as JV with Tokyo Electricity Partners.