Investment Fund Management

Achieving the “NEXT STANDARD” of Strategic Investment

The funds managed by ICMG go beyond the traditional framework of a fund to create a comprehensive platform that not only pursues financial returns, but also provides opportunities for the creation of new businesses, the development of human resources capable of competing on a global scale, and approaches to solving social issues by collaborating with various SDG stakeholders to contribute to the realization of sustainable growth in the future.


  • Residence Tokyo, Inc.: Provides real estate development, monthly condominiums and hotels in Tokyo’s 23 wards.
  • Inbound Tech, Inc.: Provides 24-hour, 365 days a year AI and operator interpretation services over the phone.
  • Hishab: Provides transaction data generation services over the phone using voice recognition technology. It allows users to conduct banking transactions instantly with a single voice. It also contributes to micro finance institutions.
  • AOS Data: AOS Data offers data backup and data recovery software to corporations, individuals, and government agencies in Japan and abroad.
  • Origgin: Creates an ecosystem to support startups through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC) process.
  • SENTIENT.IO: Operates an AI-based data platform. They help companies to rapidly deploy AI in their software.
  • Enlop: A business ecosystem with access to the best partners to help companies accelerate innovation, transformation and expansion.
  • Confidential Company: A company that provides data center support services with the pillars of security, usability and transparency.

Joint Business Development
ICMG JBA (Joint Business Acceleration)

Work with clients on business development and create sustainable growth together

ICMG forms an island-type organization with its clients to work on joint business development.

ICMG JBA is a program in which ICMG commits itself to business development and works together with clients, taking risks and pursuing results beyond the framework of conventional consulting. Organically integrate the intellectual capital of the client and pursue business development results

ICMG teams participate in a wide range of activities such as collecting good business ideas from around the world, improving business strategy design and implementation, promoting external partnerships, conducting business verification experiments, and test marketing, etc. ICMG’s extensive network and talent pool, as well as its rich business development programs, are all available to you as a member of ICMG. Full use as a platform allows you to dramatically increase the scope and speed of your business development activities

Features of ICMG JBA

Joint Venture Formation (JV)

Set up an organization to promote business development through a joint investment scheme between the client and ICMG, etc.

Business Acceleration

Utilize methods and experience in developing business ideas from both inside and outside the company, assembling business models through partnership activities, supporting partnerships with existing business organizations, and promoting test marketing.

Open Innovation Hubs in Countries

Open Innovation Centers in Tokyo, Singapore, and Silicon Valley to promote venture development and partnerships.

Partner Network

Leverage ICMG’s relationships with large companies, startups, and business development platforms to accelerate business development through external partnerships.

Business Producer

Appoint external business producers and experts with extensive experience in business development and flexible human capacity building.

Secondment System

Training and development of know-how and experience through practice by accepting seconded personnel from clients.

Case in Joint Venture-type Business Development

Stock Research Center

A joint venture with the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Publication of analyst reports for emerging companies.

TEPCO i-Frontiers

New business planning and development JV with TEPCO Energy Partners, investing and co-creating a number of venture companies.

Greenway Grid Global

JV with TEPCO Power Grid and Chubu Electric Power Company, embodying a three-layered strategy: Tier 1: investment in renewable energy, Tier 2: investment and innovation in venture businesses, and Tier 3: development of global leaders.

Clean Grid Partners

JV with TEPCO Power Grid and WEnergyGlobal to provide renewable energy power services to Asia’s unelectrified regions by integrating the development, construction, and operation of microgrid businesses.

Asset Management

Infusion of experience and expertise in JV fund management and venture investment to provide strong support for each investment

The most important requirement for a successful investment is to find the right partner for both the investor and the startup, and to proceed smoothly to the conclusion of the deal using the most appropriate investment style. We provide investment advisory and pipeline allocation support to funds and fundraising support to startups.

Investment Advisory

We assist in all important investment topics, including the most appropriate investment form, investment amount, and scheme for each investor or fund.

Pipeline Allocation Support

ICMG uses its strong Asian network to find ideal investment opportunities for investors and funds, andsupports the decision of whether or not to invest. In addition, we will accompany the investor through to the closing of the investment to ensure a smooth transition.

Fund Raising Support

In order to help startups find the investors who can best support them, we propose the right offering amount and type of offering, and provide optimal structuring for each situation.

Building and Operating a Talent Incubation System

Define and discover a human resource model to lead corporate transformation

What is required for a company to continuously produce the core human resources (talent) to lead the era of change? It’s not just about setting up HR systems and talent information system ‘boxes’.

Based on the specific requirements for talent that become apparent in the process of real leadership training and new business creation to create winning models, we monitor comprehensive development measures, including strategic placement and individual coaching, for the discovered talent candidates over the medium to long term. The key is to implement it thoroughly while A system or talent information system has its true meaning only when it supports implementation.

The Talent Incubation Ecosystem Development Service provided by ICMG does not focus on building support systems around talent management, but rather focuses on fostering actual talent candidates who will drive business innovation, and provides support for building and establishing an ecosystem for continuous talent production, with a focus on forming an effective talent pool and establishing management methods.