With sustainable growth as the key focus, we provide total service in assisting with leadership, innovation, and execution.


Leadership development based on “CHI(Wisdom and Intelligence)” and “JIKU(Mindset)”.
The success of corporate restructuring depends on the leadership abilities of those who are at its helm. At ICMG, we focus on the development and training of the key people who will be at the core of the corporate restructuring, those that will be leading the organization, and those who will be leading the advancement of the corporation through unprecedented challenges.

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The advancement of the creation of new business.
ICMG assists in the creation and implementation of an “innovative ecosystem” that leads to sustainable growth through the discovery of the “seeds” of innovation, by combining the intellectual capital of the corporation and those of external sources. Not only will ICMG assist through advice, consultation, and proposals, but will also assist in opening new doors as Interim managers that will manage the negotiation process with potential partners, and actively assist in developing new partnerships.

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Creating and solidifying joint projects and joint ventures.
With a deep understanding of our clients’ business strategy and core strengths, ICMG assists in identifying technologies and/or corporations that may have synergy with our clients’ business and products, assists in the co-development of value, the negotiation of partnerships, and manage the process all the way through to potential business mergers.

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