Joint Business Development: ICMG JBA (Joint Business Acceleration)

ICMG participates in Joint Business development with client corporations.

ICMG assists the client corporation to create dejima-style* organizations within, but outside of the main business/operational framework for incubating new businesses.

ICMG JBA goes beyond the standard framework of “consulting”. ICMG, alongside the client commits to the new business development, taking risk itself, and aims for joint success. JRA builds joint businesses with its clients on a long-term framework, utilizes ICMG human recourses, know-how, business network, and organically merges its strengths with the client’s intellectual capital in order to build success of the new business.
ICMG team work side by side with its clients, combining well thought out business ideas collected globally, designing business strategy and adjusting through implementation, promoting key external partnerships, building proof of concept sites/models, test marketing, through the whole process of building success. ICMG makes it possible to dramatically increase the scope of activity and time to market by utilizing ICMG’s wide business network and human resource pool, .and tapping into ICMG’s wide range of business development programs and platforms.

*Dejima was an island off of Nagasaki in the Edo period that was part of, but secluded from the rest of Japan, and was the only area in Japan in where international trade was allowed, and where “outsiders (westerners)” were allowed to live and operate in. Other than the fruits of success, whatever happened in Dejima, stayed in Dejima and did not affect the rest of the structure (Japan).

ICMG JBA features
  • Joint Ventures
    ICMG, along with its clients, create joint business organization through a number of methods such as joint investment.
  • Business Acceleration
    ICMG supports the business activities through rich experience in cultivation of new business ideas internally and externally, building of the business model through partnerships, collaboration support with the existing main business organization, and assisting in test marketing.
  • International open innovation hubs.
    Utilizing the 3 open innovation centers based in Tokyo, Singapore, and Silicon Valley, ICMG identifies and promotes partnerships with promising startups.
  • Partnership networks
    ICMG utilizes its networks with major business, rising businesses, and business development platformers, and assists in the acceleration of the new business development.
  • Business Producer
    ICMG utilizes outsourced business producers and specialists with rich experience, and assists in the flexible development of human resources.
  • Secondment system
    ICMG accepts secondees for the purpose of training personnel, passing on know-how and experience through practice.

Building and operating talent incubation systems

Defining and identifying the personnel model required to lead business reform.

What is required of modern day corporations in order to constantly produce key players (talent) that can act as agents of positive change in an organization? The answer actually goes beyond setting up a personnel system or putting together a database of “in-house talent”.
It requires a practical training system of leaders based on the business at hand, along with a mid to long term training and individual coaching model based on a successful new business creation process that strategically places and monitors the identified talent in strategic locations. Once such a process is in place, then, and only then, will personnel systems or databases of in-house talent be of any use.
Without over-emphasizing on the existing talent management support systems that are known in the market, the talent incubation ecosystem structure service that ICMG provides focuses strictly on the training and support of personnel actual involved in leading the process of business reform, assists in structuring a pool of effective potential talents and the implementation of methods to manage such a pool of talents, and supports the building and establishment of an ecosystem that constantly produces the required talents to move the business forward.


Joint business/joint venture business development model

Special Zone based business development based joint ventures, joint business development

  • TEPCO i-Frontiers: A joint new business project and development joint venture with Tokyo Electricity energy partners.
  • Stock research Center: A joint business with the Tokyo Stock Exchange, focusing on issuing analyst reports for new businesses and rising corporations.  

Alliance Support

Formulation of industry re-organization scenarios, Alliance strategy formulation, research for potential alliances, facilitation of potential alliance discussions, Due Diligence, PMI

  • Publishing Industry, Investment Funds, General Food Reseller, Distribution Industry, Logistics Industry, Nursing Care Related Industry, Beauty Related Industry, etc.