Innovation management requires different sets of values from the ongoing business

To “Manage” innovation.

Innovation is the creation of new standards of value, and the conversion of such standards unto economic value. Innovation management is a management style that focuses on the uncovering of, and training of the leaders and entrepreneurs who will lead the charge to searching and experimenting with new ideas, and providing them with the best possible environment for growth and success within one’s organization. With knowledge of the issues concerning innovation that major corporation are faced with, we assist in creating the required environment that will lead to the acceleration of the process that will produce results.

CEO/CIO/Management management of core business-plan, efficiency, certainty, growth Management of innovation-search, experiment, failure, learning

Innovation Dynamics

The core process of innovation management

The race to generation of innovation is intensifying. The most important issue is a clear vision of “what the requirements are”, a strong awareness of what the issues are, and what you, and only you can provide as game changing assets. ICMG will assist you side by side through the environment creation process, and core development process of innovation management, creating the ideal structure designed for your organization.

Our position

Business building/open innovation partner

We will become an irreplaceable partner in our clients’ creation of successful outcome

ビジネスビルディング オープンイノベーションパートナー
1. Process & Program
Assistance in the grand design and co-management of the processes and program to create the desired outcome through innovation (The target will be to aim for outcome through a joint team with the clients)
2. Future Center
A space for the merging of a wide range of knowledge, and a space for co-creation with clients and partners. Based on the ideas developed, we lead in the verification on the spot.
3. Ecosystem & Alliance
Based on the focused domain, we lead in building new relationships (preemptive investment into the network), and manage the relations for the success of our clients.


Development of growth strategy

Creation and implementation of the following: Mid-term business plan, new business strategy, research and development strategy, global strategy, organization and personnel strategy, other dedicated strategy building, etc.

  • General Electrical Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Logistic Companies, Chemical Companies, Packaging Companies, General Service Companies, Printing Conglomerates, Apparel Companies, etc.

Innovation Ecosystem

Triggering new business development from the front line, and from outside, systems of open business recruitment, Special Zone based business development and organization development、Skill development for action learning based business development

  • Logistic Companies, Electrical Utility Corporations, General Electronics Manufacturer, Packaging Company, Consumer Electronics Corporation, Drink Manufacturer, Engineering Companies, Chemical Manufacturers, Software Companies, General Financing Companies, etc.