“CHI(Wisdom and Intelligence)” and “JIKU(Mindset)” ® based leadership.

Gaining the “fruits” through “Chi” and “Jiku”.

In the age of uncertainty, in where the climate of change is affecting local businesses and industries at a global scale, leaders, as the core of the corporation, are required to focus on revolutionizing the business, reforming the organization, developing human resources, and transforming oneself. The leader produces results = “fruits” are gained.

Two core skills are required of a leader. The ability to realize transformation through wisdom, intelligence, and skill = “Chi”, and the solid values and mindset that cradle firm dedication and grit as a leader = “Jiku”.

CHI(Wisdom and Intelligence) JIKU(Mindset)

Personnel development and the re-engineering of the business process.

Real problem-solving through personnel development.

The themes that ICMG focus on in personnel development, are the real-life issues that the corporations face.

Corporations of this day and age will not be able to face the unprecedented challenges that they encounter daily in this rapidly changing business environment just by reviewing case studies and/or best practices of the past. Based on “CHI” and “JIKU”, ICMG designs and provides programs to develop personnel into “human capital” who have practical management and business skills and abilities through the most effective balance, and methods.

Our Position.

From Human Capital, to partners who can realize sustainable growth.

  • The creation of an impactful result towards sustainable growth of management and business through the enhancement of personnel.
  • Sublimation of know-how gained through human resource development that has supported the leaders of change, who have strived for sustainable growth of business in the trenches of management and business reality.
  • Growth strategy and new business development strategy, developed through personnel development processes, adapted for management and business realities.

Human resource development program for the leaders of the next generation.

Providing practical training and assessment of the potential leaders of the next generation through the utilization of real-life management issues and strategy themes.

Human resource development programs for new business development leaders.

Identifying, training, and side by side business development support of the potential next generation leaders of new business development.

Innovative leader training workshop

Providing insights and experience to lead the age of innovation through discussion and exploration of business and leadership, with young leaders of the same age group from other industries and/or corporations.

Strategy and Vision permeation workshop

As business grows through M&A, globalization, or through new business expansion, this workshop focuses on the core strengths and the DNA of the corporations that tend to be forgotten. This workshop is about the permeation of the corporate vision and strategy “Chi”, and the core values “Jiku”.

Executive Caddie®

Executive Caddie provides hands-on advice and executive coaching aimed at successfully dealing with management issues, and producing real results in commercializing new businesses.

As professional golfers, even though they single handedly compete against their rivals on the green, require professional caddies to guide them to victory, professional executives and top leaders that face unpredictable change in the business environment and organizations daily, also require accurate advice, and at times need a gentle but straight forward nudge from a trusted partner (an Executive Caddie) when facing difficult decisions.


The Executive Caddie’s that we provide, unlike so called “Executive coaches”, are all professionals known in their field, have ample experience as high-ranking executives in major corporations, know the issues at hand through experience, and have the personality and qualities required to give other executives the required accurate advice.
Executive Caddie’s® understand the uncertainty and the sense that “something isn’t right, or feels a little off” that leaders who are in the middle of business reform face, help identify the core issues and act as “Home Doctors” who help cure the root causes of such issues, and if needed, can jump into the front line to assist as a “Temporary CxO” for a given time until the issues are solved.


Formulation of Vision and Strategy

IC Rating® interviews, workshops for management, vision formulation, permeation based on workshops involving the key players in the front line.

  • Pharmaceutical Corporations, General Electrical Manufacturers, Food Wholesellers, Chemical Companies, Logistic Corporations, Trading Companies, Amusement Corporations, Real Estate, etc.

Leadership Development *Long term program

Management resource development program based on the “Chi & Jiku®” concept, practice-linked business plan formulation workshops, business reform coaching

  • Electrical Utility Corporations, Construction Companies, Packaging Companies, Printing Conglomerates, Convenience Store Chains, General Electrical Manufacturers, Food Wholesalers, General Consumer Goods Manufacturer, etc.

Talent Management & Consulting

Design and implementation of talent incubation and management ecosystems, designed to identify and provide management training for the required talent and personnel that will lead corporate re-organization.

  • Electrical Utility Corporations, Packaging Corporation, General Electronics Manufacturer, etc.