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ICMG:Intellectual Capital
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We have consistently focused on “Sustainable Growth” since our founding, and comprehensively grasp not only financial capital but also non-financial capital (Intellectual Capital), and we are “a partner for sustainable growth of a company”. As, we are promoting a number of projects.

We are convinced that human will, independence, intrinsic motive, and sense of mission are the driving forces that change the world and create a new future. I am also convinced that innovation of corporate management itself and innovation of social structure itself are indispensable for human will to connect to a new future.

We are a company that believes in the potential of human beings, grasps the world from a comprehensive perspective (space, earth, economy, nature, animals, humans) and “achieves common good with willing companions”. We will continue to promote co-creation with willing colleagues for a new future.


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Intellectual Capital Management

With the concept of Intellectual Capital Management at the foundation, we assist in identifying the hidden strengths and values of our clients, and then focus on tying those strengths and values into vision, strategy, and action. With business reform based on human capital focused on empowerment, we lead innovation side by side with our clients through merging the corporate strengths with external sources.

4D Cycle

– Sustainable Corporate Value Enhancement Model –
  1. Discover (Visualization of Intellectual Capital)
    • Visualize the unique intellectual capital that is the source of your company’s future value
  2. Design (Purpose~Strategy Design)
    • Drawing up a vision and strategy based on the common good of society
  3. Deliver (value creation process)
    • Two value creations of human and relational capital
  4. Disclose (Stakeholder Relations)
    • Foster understanding and empathy for the right kind of company
4D Cycle


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Leadership development based on “CHI(Wisdom and Intelligence)” and “JIKU(Mindset)”.
The success of corporate restructuring depends on the leadership abilities of those who are at its helm. At ICMG, we focus on the development and training of the key people who will be at the core of the corporate restructuring, those that will be leading the organization, and those who will be leading the advancement of the corporation through unprecedented challenges.



The advancement of the creation of new business.
ICMG assists in the creation and implementation of an “innovative ecosystem” that leads to sustainable growth through the discovery of the “seeds” of innovation, by combining the intellectual capital of the corporation and those of external sources. Not only will ICMG assist through advice, consultation, and proposals, but will also assist in opening new doors as Interim managers that will manage the negotiation process with potential partners, and actively assist in developing new partnerships.



Creating and solidifying joint projects and joint ventures.
With a deep understanding of our clients’ business strategy and core strengths, ICMG assists in identifying technologies and/or corporations that may have synergy with our clients’ business and products, assists in the co-development of value, the negotiation of partnerships, and manage the process all the way through to potential business mergers.


Future Center Tokyo

It is not possible for one company or one individual to solve unresolved social and community problems. The Future Center is a place where people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are boldly pursuing new ventures, and who are making a lasting contribution to society can come together to co-create new values for the future.


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